Greek Life

Many students at East Texas University take part in our schools long and historic Greek system and we hope you will consider doing the same.

Sitting just west of campus is Greek Row where many of our houses reside. While freshmen are encouraged to pledge any house they choose this does not circumvent all university rules regarding freshmen housing, however those that do partake within this bountiful collection will be welcome to move into their respective houses at the dawn of their Sophomore year.

All houses are expected and encouraged to be involved in local and national charity work as well as mentoring and school spirit programs. Additionally, all students are expected to maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and those facing academic probation are prohibited from involvement in Greek activities. Subject to Bylaw 1338 of the University code students subject to such probation are to be moved into available freshmen housing until such probation has been lifted.

We within the Greek Counsel hope you consider the fulfilling and rewarding life that awaits those who join East Texas University’s Greek Life.

Greek Life

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