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O'Brian Estate Break In

East Texas University Mascot Goes Missing

ETU Secutirty is currently investigating a recent break in at the O’Brian Estate. Current reports state some time late yesterday evening President Nelson’s office was invaded resulting in the disappearance of Poe the East Texas Fighting Raven. “This is most likely a simple prank as no such break in should be possible given our extensive security measures surrounding our dear Poe” stated President Nelson in an early morning interview. According to officials no other items have been found missing from the president’s office or other rooms within the estate.

This theft comes at a critical time with the homecoming game against Blackburn Tech less than a week away. Some speculate that it is in fact BB Tech to blame, however with no evidence pointing to the school local authorities are hesitant to make unfounded accusations as stated by Golan County Sheriff Butch Anderson, “Look here, if Blackburn is behind this we will catch them, but in all due respects the Golan County Sheriff’s Department has no interest in wild goose chases”.

Students and faculty alike hold with bated breath that our beloved mascot returns before this Friday’s game.



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